LAY6 is a fast acting clinically proven formula that will help you eliminate excess body water naturally, without the mineral depletion and side effects commonly experienced with prescription diuretics. Our LAY6 contains an innovative prickly pear cactus fruit extract with strong antioxidant and anti-water retention properties.

No Cramping: Maximum Diuretic Properties Without Mineral Depletion
Like most other plant extracts, the prickly pear extract in LAY6 offers diuretic and detoxifying properties which facilitate the elimination of excess fluids from the body. But contrary to standard diuretic substances, this cactus fruit from does not lead to excessive mineral loss as typical with most diuretic drugs and over the counter water loss products.

Powerful Antioxidant: Protection Against Free Radicals When Dieting
LAY6 delivers natural antioxidant compounds, highly appreciated for their numerous health benefits. When dieting LAY6 provides extra protection against the harmful effects of free radicals generated under oxidant stress conditions such as UV exposure, pollution, caloric restriction and excessive exercise.

Expel who?

By Annett Richardson on July 11

These are better than expel! They work right away.

Worth a try…..

By bradnowusa on September 17

I tried this for detoxifying purposes and to shed some water. It seems to help. I didnt get light headed or any other issues.
The part i like is its caffeine free so if you use it with something else to lose weight you arent overloaded with caffeine.


By W. Kuhne on August 22

Used this stuff to cut weight before my wedding and honeymoon to Maui. It worked great and even better I felt great, no fatigue or nausea at all.