The diet and energy pill that has everyone wired with excitement!

Warning: This pill should only be used by those looking to not just burn fat, but incinerate it!

The legendary little white pill is back from the past. Yes, the single most effective energy and diet aid in history is available once again! And it goes by the name of Phenergy.

For those of you who remember ephedrine from the past, it was basically pure adrenaline! Nothing before, or since, has given us the mind- blowing energy, instant strength and insane pumps as that little white tablet. Well, thanks to the researchers at AmiLean, the little white pill is back and better than ever! The secret is a newly discovered ingredient called Teacrine, combined with a proprietary blend of key components that actually mimic the effects of those legendary little white pills… just one dose and you will never train without them. The effects are instantaneous!

• Increased Energy and Stamina
• Enhanced Mental Alertness
• Increased Thermogenesis
• Increased Performance